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How long will the inspection take? Depending on the complexity, most inspections take from 1-1/2 to 3 hours to complete.

Can I accompany the Inspector?
Absolutely, in fact we encourage it.

How will the Inspector check the conditions of the roof? Conditions permitting, all roofs that are accessible will be walked. Why? The only way to properly determine the actual condition of a roof is by examining the roof surface up close.

How will the crawl space be examined?
Conditions permitting, the crawl space will be entered to check for moisture problems, insulation/vapor barrier, insect damage, deteriorating beams, improper columns etc.

What if I have a question after I’m in the house?
The majority of all your questions are answered in the Free Home Owner’s Manual. In addition, we offer No-Cost consultations to all of our clients.

What are the qualities that I should look for in an inspector?
Experience in new construction as well as experience in older construction. Experience in building materials.

What type of background does the inspector have?
Don has been involved in residential construction and development for 20 years, he has personally owned 13 houses, managed 15 rental units and built his own home as well as others. Don has taken numerous courses dealing with residential construction including home inspection, pest inspection, roofing, insulation, building materials, HVAC (heating & air), plumbing and electrical. Your inspector continues to keep abreast of the changing materials and evolving technology in residential construction.

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