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Things to consider when choosing an inspector:

Is the inspector ASHI Certified? An ASHI Certified inspector has satisfactorily completed the ASHI exam, had reports verified to ensure accuracy and compliance with the standards of practice, has performed a minimum of 250 Fee paid inspections, adhere to a strict code of ethics and must maintain continuing education courses. (Beware, organizations exist that, for a fee, will certify inspectors with very little or no experience.) Click here to visit the Official ASHI web site.

What qualities should I look for in a Home inspector? The answer is quite simple. EXPERIENCE. All of our inspectors have performed a minimum of 1000 inspections each!! You don't want someone practicing on your home, do you?

Does the company offer a Complimentary Home Owner’s Manual that you can use to answer questions years after they are gone? An inspection company should offer a manual of considerable detail (300 pages) with hundreds of pictures or drawings to help you understand and maintain your investment.

Are the reports generated On-Site? Some companies can generate a report on-site, no waiting, while the inspection is still fresh in the mind of the inspector. (Some companies idea of an on-site report is a checklist.)

Is the report just a checklist or is it narrative? Ideally, a combination of both with a cross reference to the Home Owner’s Manual is desired.

Does the inspector use a computer to assist in the inspection? No inspector has all of the reference materials available at his finger tips to cover all building materials under all conditions. However, unless they have a computer nearby, an inspector would need a small library to provide the information that is available today with the use of a computer.

Can they provide other services such as Radon, Termite, Well, Septic? To ease the home inspection process it is important to hire a company that can provide you with a range of services. Before choosing an inspector ask questions, make sure they will be able to satisfy your needs. Wouldn't you rather deal with just one company?

Does the company have a New Castle County lock box key pad? A lockbox keypad will enable the inspector to access the dwelling without the Realtor being present, thus making scheduling the inspection(s) easier.

What are the latest courses/seminars attended in the last year? Building materials and methods are constantly changing.

Do they review maintenance items with you? Do they provide a Seasonal Checklist to insure that you are maintaining your investment properly?

What is the price of the inspection? Don't let the higher priced Inspection Company's fool you into believing they will provide a more thorough inspection. Ironically, the companies that charge the most do the least.