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Inspection Price Rates

For 10 years we posted our rates on this web site, unfortunately we can no longer publish these rates. We have found that as new inspection companies were going in business some were using our price structure as a guideline and pricing their services just under ours. Some even named their company after us. Many uninformed home buyers shop for inspections like they are shopping for a mortgage rate. In their mind all inspection companies are the same so they chose the company with the cheapest price. I can assure you that there is a big difference between a part time inspector that has only performed a few hundred inspections and a full time inspector that has performed thousands of inspections.

When obtaining a quote from a company you obtain their State of Delaware Business license number (The first 4 digits of the license number is the year that the business was established). Or you can call the Better Business Bureau 24 hour consumer hotline at 302-230-0108 or @ www.delaware.bbb.org all that you need is the company's telephone number to see how long they have been in business.


*Payment will be due at time of inspection

*Prices may vary. Please call for additonal information.
(302) 737-2070

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